Keira @ 8 Months

She's just too cute and got quite the personality... She hates staying still and cries when you take things away from her. Diaper changes are now quite the challenge with our squirmy wormy baby.

Keira is approximately 18lbs and comfortably fitting in size 9 month clothes, although with her large noggin we are using size 12M for most things that have to go on over her head. 

We were very lucky to go on two trips these past two weeks- the first trip was to south Florida to surprise my friend Ashley at her baby shower and visit with Granmda, Grandpa and Nana. Everyone spoiled her and we had a great time walking around Delray and going to the beach and turtle sanctuary. It was our first time flying without daddy and it went very smoothly! I checked everything except my diaper bag backpack and Keira in my Boba on the front and diaper bag on the back. Totally hands free!

Then we went on a trip with Grammy and PoPPop to Hilton Head Island. We stayed right in Harbortown in Sea Pines and had so much fun swimming in the pool and playing at the beach. Keira enjoyed going out to eat and swinging at the big playground. We loved going on vacation with Grammy and PopPop!

Here's some pictures from the last couple weeks-

Ready to go!

She is in LOVE with this monkey

So happy together 

Her eyelashes are just perfect when she's sleeping

So happy in Florida

Deep thinking in Delray Beach

On the move...

Silly smile

Cutie in her fishie dress

Our funny silhouette (baby on left, me on right)

Exploring our home 

Fun at the lavender farm

Chewing on beer bottle from her cousins company 

Happy Sleepy time with daddy

So sleepy in Hilton Head

She learned how to wave

See you in a couple weeks...!

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