Keira @ 35 Weeks

Here is our adorable, curious, stubborn baby in her element. She is trying to climb out of her crib while chewing on it so she can ultimately grab the toys outside of her crib (we obviously need to move those toys, and lower her crib). 

We found out last week that we got a spot at our top choice daycare so starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, Keira will be starting "school" and I will be working, just for three days a week. I hope that this is a good balance for us as I want her to have more playtime with kids (especially older kids) and the income will help us save towards our next house. 

Keira is perfecting her crawl and she is starting to climb over things (and people) and try to pull up to standing position. She hasn't grown much in length and her weight gain is a little slow but she is incredibly active. I'm feeding her breastmilk as often as possible, followed by three full meals a day, and snacks! She has mastered the wave and working on high fives. She hates her car seat and loves her baby carriers. At least we both agree that carriers are awesome, there are so many of them and they each have a different use. 

For now, we are enjoying the rest of the summer and the sunshine!

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  1. Yay for getting first #1 choice, and booo for going back to work. The slow transition will be good for both of you I think :)



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