Baby Products 201

We are past the changing table covers and diapers. We are now into advanced baby products. Some I never even heard of before having a baby. But these are my new favorite things...

Baby Probiotics
Keira had some tummy troubles and these seems to be helping. You can buy these at Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. 

Water Sling

We co-shower and this just makes it much easier. It also works for the pool and the mesh material is nice for hot days. This is not a replacement for a carrier as the weight of an 18-pound baby on one shoulder is not comfortable for long periods, but it's great for a quick task.

Disposable placemats
Wiping the table with Lysol wipes helps get the table clean but baby makes a huge mess when she is eating so these make clean up on the go very easy.

Sippy Cups

We wanted Keira to learn a traditional sippy and a straw so she can drink from regular cups in the future while still knowing how to use a straw.

Babyganics Face and Hand Wipes

These have very minimal "taste" to them so they are ideal for wiping that mess of baby's face when she is done eating.

If you have any suggestions for wonderful products like these that are life savers for mommies with 9-12month olds, I would love to hear about them!

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