Through My Husband's Eyes

I downloaded all of Mike's photos from his phone when he changed jobs. 
He never posts, downloads or shows me the photos he takes so it was cool to look back and see the past year through his eyes. (I didn't include the several hundred golf related photos)

Here's a little peak for you:

Pregnant at 20 weeks in Florida
Our Baby Girl
Trying to NOT look 26 weeks pregnant at a JT/JayZ Concert
30+ weeks pregnant in Rock Creek Park
I'm smiling because I just had a delicious chocolate milkshake,
oh and I was happy to see my dad too :-)
This is what guys are really paying attention to in the waiting room. Typical.
This is THE NIGHT I went into labor.
Mike thought it would be hilarious to get a picture of me with a beer.
I was VERY ready for baby.

Day 1 - just born!
I'm trying to sleep over here!
Waldo wearing baby's hat :-)
First ever dad and baby selfie
fast asleep
so hungry
Waldo watching over the bundle
Sweet little munchkin in the first thing I ever bought for her
Cecelia Barbara & Keira Cecelia
Keira is tucked in my jacket- it was SO COLD
Sweet picture of daddy and baby
On vacation outside of Savannah
Babywearing in downtown Charleston, SC
Waiting for the doctor to perform her checkup (2 months?)
sophisticated doggy
Waldo loves the playmat
gnome baby
cozy baby
happy daddy
stopping for a snack on the W&OD trail
Little baby munchkin
Mike put this "halo" on her head :-)
That about sums it up. 


  1. Aw, I love the walk down memory lane!

  2. LOVE this post! So cool to see things from another point of view.



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