Starting Solids: Part Two

Keira is now a pro at eating. She gets about a quarter of the food into her mouth and she enjoys shoveling it in there. We still feed her purees occasionally but she grabs the spoon away and insists on feeding herself.

We have tried so many new foods and gotten through a couple of the high allergy foods without a hitch:

  • seafood, 
  • peanuts, 
  • strawberries, 
  • eggs
(These made me nervous!)

There are a some things that we've tried we won't offer again for a few more weeks:

  • Peppers (too firm to chew)
  • Sweet potatoes with skin (skin is hard to chew, just remove before offering)
  • Grapes (even cut up, they seem too firm to me)
  • Steak (too chewy and makes us nervous)
  • Baby rice cakes (our only choking incident so far, they kind of stick in the mouth)

Some things we were nervous about but baby loved and handled well:

  • Smashed beans (black, pinto, navy)
  • Chicken breast
  • Ground beef
  • Risotto (my next goal is to try arroncini)
  • Oatmeal (see below)

My new invention is baked oatmeal squares. I overcook old fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon, put in a mini Pyrex and bake for maybe 20 mins- they slice into "fingers" and then put in the Freezer and they will turn into little oatmeal sticks that just melt in babies mouth (I just take two out the night before to defrost).

Here is Keira enjoying one of her meals (blueberry, strawberry, sweet potato and ground beef)!

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