Starting Solids: The First Month

I was so nervous about starting solids. Partly because a pediatrician told us to start at 4 months which is not current recommendation, and also because solids means Keira is growing up!

As the time got closer to her being six months I changed from nervous to excited! On May 10th, I got a banana and  cut it into a little handle for her to hold and try. She made a yucky face and we gave the rest to Waldo.

Several yucky faces later, I started getting discouraged- she would take nibbles of avocado and nothing else. So I gave in and decided to try purees. I was about to make myself a smoothie anyways so I just gave her some (without sugar). She made a squishy face but sipped a little from the spoon. 

I went back to avocado and now she seemed to hate that too. I just don't get babies! So I tried steamed apples and pears- tiny nibbles, but no real interest. So I pureed the apples into delicious applesauce- this was the worst. Her FACE- priceless. She looked like we were giving her rotten pickles. 

I was about to give up (not really) and remembered learning in my breastfeeding group that babies like garlic in breastmilk so maybe she would like it in food.

I made some roasted garlic yellow squash (no salt) and cinnamon sweet potatoes. HALLELUJAH! She went to town on these! She sucked all the insides out of the squash slices and shoved mushy handfuls of sweet potato into her mouth. 

So I got more squash and some regular potatoes and tossed it all with garlic, and we gave her some chicken breast too. She loved it all! We even had some apple slices for dessert!

I'm so happy that she "gets it" now and she really truly looks like she has fun too! And I think she is learning a lot by handling everything with her hands, feeling the textures and feeding herself. I see that she lets the little bit sit in her mouth while she gums them up and breaks them down. We give her some little sips of water (we are working on using sippy cups).

I love having her eat with us and I think she loves it too! (And so does Waldo, he loves cleaning up all the pieces that land on the floor)

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  1. Hooray for finding what works! When you mentioned garlic it reminded me one of Jack's first favorites was curry (still loves it). We used to make the peas recipe on this page:

    I may have even given you that cookbook, I'm not sure.

    I'm glad Keira is enjoying adventures in eating!

  2. I read something about how babies should try something 10+ times before deciding if they for sure like it or not. Some early dislikes in our house have now becomes faves. Keep trying! I'm sure you'll find tons of things she likes.



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