Keira's Favorite Toys @ 7 Months

Now that Keira is crawling she gets to pick which toys she plays with out of the bunch. She has also been known to pick up and dump an entire bin of toys.

Here are some of her favorite toys right now (at 7 months):

Fisher Price 6-piece puzzle
She loves puzzles, just like her Grammy! She crawls over to this time and time again.

Pull along giraffe music box
This plays "Toyland" when you pull it along and Keira got the biggest smile the first time I took it out!

Stackable Nesting Cups
These are perfect for banging on the tray when she's not eating or for throwing on the floor

who loves baby? Photo Album
She loves turning the pages and chewing on the smiling faces of her cousins Maggie, Adrianna and Natalie (sorry Jack, we'll get you in next time)

Guess Who Pooh book
She loves when Pooh plays peek a boo on the cover!

And here's what else we are reading right now:

We just signed up for the "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" program through the library. We have a chart that we mark in every time we read a book - at every 100 books you get a prize. You can read the same books over and over, or all new books. We just started yesterday so we only have two, but it will be fun to chart our progress!  

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