Keira @ 7 Months

The baby proofing has begun. In the last month Keira has started getting into everything (Yes you are supposed to babyproof sooner but we didn't listen). 

She is army-crawling around the living room, pulling up on furniture, and grabbing everything in sight. She always goes straight for Waldo or his bed if he's not around. On multiple occasions I've put her down on her playmat and come back two minutes later and she's trying to either crawl into Waldo's bed or eat it.

I'm a little stressed trying to keep up with her. There's not much quiet time anymore. When there is, I'm usually reconnecting with the world, via email, Facebook, or this blog! I hope you all are still reading!

I walk a lot because it calms her down. She gets stir crazy every day around 10/11am. It's good for me too because walking is my workout these days! About half the time Waldo comes with us, then I use the Boba carrier because I can't seem to manage a dog and a stoller.

Here's what Keira had been up to in the past two weeks:

Playtime in her crib 

Thinking about joining a band 

Playing ball with Waldo

My little love

Swinging in the park

Snoozing in her new stroller

Loves the swing!

Loves her mini Eeyore!

Crawling over to pet Waldo

Sleepy sweet baby face 

Playing in her crib!

We love you, Sweet Keira! Your smile is the best thing in the world.

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe she's big enough for a swing already! And fits into Natalie's Easter outfit from last year. Slow down, Keira!!



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