Gift Ideas for a New Mom

So your friend/daughter/sister/cousin just had a baby and you want to get her something nice and useful. I used to always get flowers, baby clothes, or baby toiletries. As a recent new mom myself, I now know that there are lots of other things that a new mom would love.
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Here are some ideas for that special new mom in your life:

Lactation Cookies
Cookies are delicious, they help your milk supply, and give you energy/calories you need to take care of baby!
I recommend: MilkMakers Cookies.

Frozen Gourmet Food
Sometimes even getting takeout seems to hard. Anything that can be microwaved or tossed in the oven is best.

Milk Nursingwear Gift Certificate
A $50 gift card will let your new momma friend get a really cute and comfy nursing top!

Cleaning Service
A new mom may be too shy to accept your help cleaning her house but in sure she won't refuse a house cleaning gift certificate. Everyone says cleaning can wait but let's face it- it's hard to relax in a messy house.

Mothers Milk Tea
You can have this hot or iced, it's refreshing and boosts milk production.
I recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Anything from Aden+Anais
Everything this company makes is super soft and very adorable!
I recommend their swaddle blankets

Healthy Snacks
Bring a grocery bag full of easy to eat and healthy items such as protein bars, raisin boxes, trail mix, beef jerky, graham crackers, bananas.

If your baby cluster feeds or doesn't like sleeping, you may spend a lot of time sitting or rocking with nothing else to do. Watching a TV series or silly movie can really help pass the time.

Even one People magazine can make a new mom feel connected with the world. It's a silly luxury but it's a great way to relax. 

Offer to go for a Walk
Even though you are always with someone when you are with a baby, sometimes it's still lonely. And fresh air always lends new perspective. Offer to walk with the new mom, she may just want some adult company!

An Item from Baby's Registry
There's usually a few stragglers left on the registry even after the baby shower and the parents have bought all their "must haves". I'm sure they would love to receive some of the "nice to haves", and you know it will go to good use!

Some tips on items to avoid:
-Stuffed animals with button eyes (these are a choking hazard)

-Baby toiletry items (new parents can be very particular about what sort of products they want on their baby's skin)

-Decorations (after carrying a baby for 9 months, mom has been dreaming and planning her nursery design- please let that space be hers as don't try to give her anything that has to be a permanent fixture in her home)

-Junk Food (mom is probably already dreaming of her pre-pregnancy jeans and anything that will be unhealthy try to avoid). I will make a exception for cupcakes because I got some of those and they were delicious.

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Hope you found it helpful.

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