Dining as a Family

One of the main reason I got behind the  Baby Led Weaning (BLW) concept was the idea that the whole family could eat together and eat the same thing. I look forward to Keira eating tandoori chicken and sushi right along with us.

From the very beginning we have always sat her at the table with us (even when she was a newborn, we put her bouncy chair up there). When she was a month or so we moved her to the high chair and filled her tray with toys. When she turned six months, we just switched out the toys for food. She is much happier sitting with us (she would cry if we left her in the swing across the room). We believe in the whole family being a "pack" and sticking together.

When the weekend rolls around we are happy to include Keira and Waldo in our "date night", where we dine alfresco and sip champagne (none of that for baby).

We give Keira whatever we can from our plates (she is still working her way through all the foods and we are going one food at a time to watch for allergies). 
(Left to right: Sweet potato, Garlic baked potato, Grilled chicken topped with ginger garlic spinach purée, more potato, and a steamed carrot)

Here are all the foods she has tried so far:

She seems to have a great time, and Waldo loves cleaning up the leftovers.

Since baby is eating what we eat I've been inspired to cook healthier, more vegetable-based foods. These cookbooks have given me some great ideas:

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