Sleeping Arrangements

It is not a secret that I am Pro Room/Bed sharing and Anti Crying It Out. We recently moved baby's crib into our room as we plan to continue cosleeping for an indefinite amount of time. I love having Keira within arm's reach and seeing her smile first thing in the morning is amazing. 

If you are like me and every bone, muscle and nerve ending screams "go hold and comfort your baby" any time she cries, then you may appreciate these articles.

If you are on the fence or just want to learn more you may find these articles interesting food for thought.

If you disagree, that is fine too.

I think room and bed sharing are great and I can't stand the thought of letting baby "cry it out". This is just my opinion, but it's always nice to know that there is scientific and anthropological evidence to back up your opinion.

Here's our setup:

{Crib: BabyMod Convertible Crib, similar HERE}

We used a series of bunjee cords to attach the crib legs to the bedframe. Keira seems to be happy here and she is safer than she was in her tiny Mini CoSleeper

Happy Co-Sleeping!

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