Keira @ 27 Weeks

My mom job is getting harder and more fun daily! Keira is giving me a run for my run with her flopping from back to front and front to back. 

"I just rolled over- no big deal"

She's starting to eat "real" foods- we've tried banana, avocado, mango, chicken, broccoli and pear. The only ones she actually ate were avocado and pear, but she had fun feeding the other ones to Waldo :-)

"I'm skeptical"

Her one bottom tooth is out and the other is about to pop. She sometimes seems bothered but mostly just plays the day away. If she gets grumpy, a ride in the baby carrier or stroller usually fixes that- especially when it turns into a nap!

We have been loving all the hand me down clothes and toys from our big cousins!

And we've been out and about much more!

At the mt Vernon wine festival

At moms birthday lunch

But at the end of the day, she is still my sweet sleepy baby
Look at those cheeks!!!!

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