Keira @ 25 Weeks

We have TEETH! The bottom two popped through this week. 

Keira is babbling up a STORM- blah blah dah dah yah yah tha tha tha! She is also continuing to through each of her toys on the floor, keeping us very busy! We are still trying to wash some of them but I know that won't last long.

As six months is fast approaching (next week!), we are getting ready to start solids. I've been reading up on Baby Led Weaning and we are going to give that a try first since Keira is very good at getting objects into her mouth with her hands.

Keira had lots of daddy time this week and they did great together! She loves the bottle now and Mike takes her for nice long walks so she can have a nice nap.

Aunt Molly was visiting for HER baby shower and we had a great time! Keira loves all her family and loves entertaining them :-)

Here's your Keira photo entertainment:

Fun with dad

Bunny baby

Eating a book

Happy babies eat their toes

Miss Smiles 

Sleepy bunny

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