Gotta Luv Cousins

I grew up with lots of cousins and some were even like brother and sister to me. We have all stayed in touch through the years and truly enjoy each other's company.

I'm so happy that Keira already has so many cousins and another one on the way! They are pretty close in age to her (7, 4 1/2 , 3 1/2, almost 2, an "extended" cousin exactly one year older than her, and one that will be just 9 months younger than her). I imagine lots of fun playtimes in the future!

Here's are some photos of me with my beloved cousins:

And Keira with her cousins!

Gotta Luv cousins!

(On a side note, you should check out my cousin's outdoor company Gotta Luv It, and new beer company Islamorada Beer Company)

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