Keira @ 24 Weeks

Keira is babbling tons, grabbing for everything (watch out grocery store shelves!) and pretty much on a regular schedule. She stays up pretty late but naps really well during the day and sleeps well through the night so we aren't going to mess with her sleep schedule.

We have done some rearranging in our house- as baby grows and life changes- the layout of our 1,000 SF home has to change too. It wouldn't work for everyone but we really like the new arrangement (maybe pics will be in another post).

It was a nice week here in Virginia. We did a lot of walking (some alone, some with Waldo, some with a mommy walking group). I can't believe that 6 months is just around the corner. My plan is to return to work in September so I still have  4 more months with baby Keira!

Also one of my best friends came to visit from New Mexico. It was so great seeing her and Keira loved playing with her. We miss you already Julia!

Just after an early morning walk:

Loving this butterfly shirt (hand me down from one of her cousins):

All smiles with Pooh Bear:

I love how she sleeps:

Target shopping trip:

First time riding in the grocery cart:

Loving time with her dad:


She just keeps growing!

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  1. Aw! Just catching up on your posts :) Had such a great time with you all and miss you tons.



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