Keira @ 21 Weeks

We are back in Virginia, but spring is near! The trees are just starting to bloom.

Keira is grabbing everything and trying to chew on it- books, hair, your face, stuffed animals. Poor kid has been teething for a couple months now and all we have to show for it is a lot of drool soaked bibs (no teeth yet!)

She is laughing lots and very curious about the world around her. She is also getting very strong and she flops around like a fish, scooting and reaching. 

Here she is, the little love of our lives:

Having fun at Group

Adorable Napper

Mommy Cuddles

Fun on the Changing Table

Stretching in the morning

Little Munchkin

Thoughtful in her Rocker

Taking a Snooze with Dad

Happy as can be!

So Happy Together


  1. You're getting so big, Keira! I bet you are gonna love spring :)

  2. So much cuteness! I love her little streches



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