Keira @ 20 Weeks

We were on vacation this week in south Florida visiting all my side of the family. Keira was a trooper and let us drag her all around with us, meeting aunts, uncles, cousins and friends! She loved all the entertainment and can't wait to go back. We even had our first swims in the pool and she kicked and splashed a little. 

I'm now about halfway through my maternity leave. Keira has grown so much and she is starting to do a little sea turtle scoot. I really hope that in another 20 weeks she is ready to go play with other kids and that she could enjoy daycare. I'm more worried about me adjusting though, I can't seem to come to grips with leaving her for hours a day! For now I'm just enjoying every second- trying not to miss her younger days, wish for her older days, or dread going back to work- just live in the moment.

Here's our moments from 20 weeks-

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