Five Months passed, Five Pounds left

It's been a little over 5 months since Keira's birth (and my most dramatic daily weight loss!). The pounds have been slowly coming off since then but I still have 5 left to lose.

I just joined an awesome group called Moms Run This Town (MRTT)- it's a Facebook group for local moms to get together and walk and/or run. I haven't got back into running yet but I did go for a 4-mile brisk walk with two other moms this week. I am hoping that this group will help me get my weekly exercise up.

I've also started doing a little bit of weight lifting at home. Keira thinks it's hilarious and some of the other (non weight) exercises even include her! 

I'm also still dairy free (Keira has a sensitivity in it that may last up to 9 months). This has helped not eat junk food because most baked goods and a lot of processed and bad-for-you foods contain dairy. 

My goal is to be back at pre-pregnancy weight (135) by the official start of summer- mid June. I definitely need to fit (comfortably) in my work clothes by September because I will be working again and refuse to buy new work clothes!

Hopefully I will get back into the 130's soon- I miss seeing that on the scale. Soon enough!

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