Keira @ 18 Weeks

Keira is having all sorts of fun now- giggling, grabbing (and throwing) toys, making silly faces and noises, and reading magazines and books.

I think we've all finally adjusted to the time change and also finally figured out Keira's natural schedule, it goes a little something like this:
6:30/7:30am- good morning!
9:30/10:30am- eat milk brunch and then take a snooze on moms lap 
1:00/2:00pm- mom and baby both lay down for a nap
4:00/5:00pm- baby takes nap while mom walks
7:30pm- get in PJs and have milk dessert before falling asleep
3:00/4:00am- wake up for a mid-night snack 

I'm sure this will all change on vacation but we will probably try to stick to it as best as possible. Keira is flexible on the nap times, as long as she gets three and they total 3-4 hours. Bedtime is non-negotiable for her. It's been like clockwork if we don't have her in PJs at 7:30 she starts crying hysterically. We prefer non crying baby, so we stick to her timeline :-)

Overall everything is going great. I'm enjoying my time home with Keira. Here's some pictures from our week:

Isn't she precious when she's sleeping?
I love it. I love her.

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