Keira @ 16 Weeks

Thanks to a lot of sleeping and napping Keira was much less grumpy this week! I think since she has been teething we are getting confused about her sleepy / hungry cues. I called the pediatrician about her napping and she said wait until she is tired to try to get her to nap (instead of following a schedule from a book). 

That has seemed to work really well. It turns out that she really just likes one long nap around 12-3pm. Some days it's shorter and she will then only take a second nap if she's with me or if I carrying her in the baby carrier. 

Her bedtime varies anywhere from 6 to 8pm but she sleeps until around 6:30 to 7:30, of course with a snack break or two in there. I can't blame her, her tummy is still really small so it's hard to go very long without a snack.

She is laughing more often which is awesome, yesterday Mike made her laugh and of course it made me cry- it was too darn cute!

Well here we are at 16 weeks old, I can't believe it was a year ago when we found out we were expecting her!

Happy drooly baby with her feet in the air!!!

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