Getting Ready for Baby (yourself)

Before baby comes, here are some things I recommend to prepare yourself (these are my personal opinion, what worked for me!):

-Get a haircut, your regular haircut, a trim, whatever. Trust me you will be happy because time flies by and anything that makes you feel prettier after birth helps you feel better overall.

-Get a nice mani/pedi. You are 38 or 39 weeks pregnant and are incapable of painting your own toes so go ahead and leave it to the professionals:

-Again, I'm going to mention stocking up on all your personal items (shampoo, face wash, body wash, shaving cream, lotion, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow - whatever you use daily); just grab an extra 2 or 3 so you don't have to worry about Target trips with a 8 day old baby.

-Take some nice loooong showers. (I love every minute with baby but I started really appreciating my long showers towards the end of my pregnancy knowing I might not get them after baby). I have showered every single day since Keira was born so it's not like you can't take shower, you'll just be more in "let's get down to business" mode, so relax a little while you can.

-Sleep in. I am very lucky and have a baby that sleeps well and we have a great routine that requires me to be awake for a very short time during the night. However, many moms in my group have babies who wake every two hours. And breastfed babies typically wake during the night until 6-9 months. It's all good and worth it, I'm just saying why not stay in bed a little longer on the weekend while you still can.

-Get yourself a nice supply of postpartum care items, including: 
*Maxi pads of all different sizes. You need about 3 weeks worth. Buy them now. You don't want to send hubby out to get them later. I recommend "U by Kotex".
*Earth mama angel baby new mama bottom spray. Refreshing and cool for when the epigram from the hospital runs out.
*DulcoEase Pink. Take it religiously and avoid those nasty pains in the butt!
*FiberChews. Again, take regularly and you won't have any digestive issues!

-Buy some nursing bras and tops. You won't fully understand the necessity of nursing tops until you wear a regular shirt and you have to pull the whole thing up exposing your postpartum belly. Trust me, nursing tops/tanks are essential to nursing success.

-Dig out your early maternity clothes. Yes you will still look 6 months pregnant when you leave the hospital, but after 2 weeks you'll be much closer in size to the end of your first trimester. Hello again, BellaBand.

-Get a Handsfree headset. While baby is cluster feeding is a great time to catch up with friends and family, but you'll likely still need your hands free to reposition baby, etc.

-Find a new mom support group. I regularly attend breastfeeding support group, new parent support group and postpartum support group. They have helped me tremendously. No one knows what you are going through better than other new moms. 

NOTE: life after baby is amazing. But it's different than life before baby. This post is just meant to make that change easier. You will be fine :-)

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