Crazy, Sweaty and Bald

We've all seen the pregnancy side effects- nausea, thick hair and nails, and growing belly. But the postpartum side effects seem to be less widely known. I'm here to tell you a little bit about them.

Let's start with the title of this post:

-Crazy. Everyone talks about postpartum depression, but there are lots of other feelings brought on by postpartum hormones- especially anxiety! I thought I was going crazy but turns out it isotally normal and part of postpartum anxiety and postpartum OCD. Many moms I've talked to have these affects and were so confused by them because all doctors had told them to look out for was depression. I hear so many times "I'm not depressed, but I feel crazy! I can't stop worrying! I have crazy terrible thoughts that scare the crap out of me; but since I'm not depressed it must not be de to paotpartum". Well, it is. Hormones can do some really whack things to your brain I've learned. The more educated you are about what to possibly expect, the sooner you'll recognize it for what it is and easier you can treat yourself. Sleep, eating right (lots of protein), regular hygiene, mindful thinking and exercise can work wonders.

-Sweaty. I was never hot, just sweating, for like two months. Yuck.

-Bald. My hair is falling out! I didn't realize that during pregnancy your hair falls out significantly less, this is why your hair is so full and thick. I already have thick hair so I had to keep cutting it because it got too heavy. But now, it's falling out- in clumps. That too shall stop once the hormones regulate.

Some other side effects:
-Relaxin and your joints. During the end of your pregnancy some hormones called "relaxin" help your joints loosen to allow baby to exit easier. It also causes your feet to flatten and get bigger. After pregnancy, you can be sore in your hip/lower back area for a while as everything goes back into place.

-Stupid. Mommy brain is the sequel to pregnancy brain. I be dumb sometimes. This helps me focus more on baby instead of other things. 

-Swelling. I just put my engagement ring back on this week, the last time I had worn it was my baby shower. Supposedly eating lots of watermelons, cucumber and celery helps reduce sweelig but for me the best thing was time. So happy my diamond is back with me!

Hang in there and know that it's not you, it's the hormones!

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