Birth "Plan"

I get easily caught up in "the moment" and knew when I was in the process of giving birth, I wouldn't be able to remember all the things I wanted to happen in my birth process. Thus was the birth of a "birth plan". I read multiple birth plans online, talked it all over with the husband then typed it up to show my doctor:

She thought it was great and asked if she could keep that copy for my file. I was psyched and of course said "yes!". This is great- my delivery doctor will have my birth plan so I won't have to worry about remembering all those little details of things I researched for hours about how to make my birth experience the best for me, my husband and our baby.

That all got tossed out the window when my delivery doctor wasn't a doctor from my practice. Ultimately things worked out fine but some of the things I had in y birth plan didn't happen. Not because they couldn't happen for medical reasons, but because no one remembered that was what I wanted. I didn't bring a copy of the plan with me (or maybe I did) but I never made Mike promise to remind the doctor because we had met in advance and they had it in their file so I trusted they would read it when the time came. Again most everything was fine, but some things still frankly piss me off. I didn't want baby to get all her tests and everything some until we had time to bond (and breastfeed). As soon as we got to the recovery room, they came and swooped her away and she was gone for hours. I'm sure they were doing something important and at the time I was too tired to remember that I wanted to keep her there with me. Maybe it's good that she was with people who
Were actually awake. But it still bothers me. I was told later that typically babies are bathed in the room with the parents and that most everything could be done in-room, I don't recall getting that option.
When she did get back, she latched right on with no problems but it had been a while since birth and looking back I picture her stuck in a plastic bassinet crying while she waits her turn to her inspected. I'm sure I'll get over it, someday.

Lesson is: Make your husband remind the entire medical team of your birth plan, not everything you want is the norm and not unless you speak up they will just do whatever they are used to.

I will get over it, eventually!

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  1. There were definitely things that bugged me for awhile after both kids were born.

    They took Jack to be bathed (Matt went with him, but obviously I couldn't) but the other hospital bathed Maggie in the room with us and kept her with me as standard procedure. I know Jack and Keira were born in the same hospital. I wonder if that's how they prefer it there.



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