Baby Development

This week I attended a seminar on baby development. A very knowledgable speaker, nurse and developmental specialist came to answer questions and check out babies. A lactation consultant was also there providing information.

It was great to hear everyone's questions and I even got a few of my own answered, here's what I learned:

-No device/bouncy chair/jumper/bouncer is as good as plain old tummy time on the floor. She highly encourage parents to stay away from all the baby gear and really focus on tummy time. Aim for 45 minutes a day of tummy time. It's ok if it's in 1 or 5 minute increments.

-If you are trying to get baby to sleep and she hasn't fallen asleep by 15 minutes, it's ok to go to a "fallback" sleeping method (driving, walking, baby carrying)

-Keep baby in the room with you. That way you can easily check on them and hush them back to sleep; and very easily breastfeed.

-I asked about Keira liking to stand up and she said we should focus on getting her to sit independently first. But standing is so fun!
(Keira standing with PopPop)

-Spoon feeding baby is no longer common practice; wait until 6 months and follow baby's cues for baby led weaning.

-Colic is not an actual disease. If baby has symptoms of "colic", they typically have something actually wrong with them and likely need medical intervention. Most of these babies have severe reflux and can easily be fixed with prescription medicine (Zertec or Prilosac).

-Baby wearing is great for development. Always wear baby towards you and aim for 2 to 3 hours a day. 

-Make sure to lay baby down in different directions at night so as not to cause a flat spot.

-Don't swaddle babies arms/hands. Baby having access to her hands is very important in early development.

-"Cry it Out" method is not good for babies development or breastfeeding success. She said if you have the book "BabyWise" or "12 hours by 12 weeks" to throw them away.

-If what you are doing works, keep doing it; don't wake a sleeping baby; stop second guessing yourself. (So it's ok for me to nurse Keira to sleep every night!)

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