Seven Pounds / Baby Weight

There are still a pesky SEVEN pounds of "baby weight" sticking around on my 5'3" body. I've pretty much eaten whatever I wanted the last three months (or four months if you count the last month of pregnancy). I'm not a big junk food eater but I do tend to overeat healthy foods. Since my "prepregnancy" pants do NOT look cute when zipped, I want to rid myself of this extra weight, or at least get my waistline back to normal. I pulled up my old trusty MyPlate app and started tracking:

It's sort of a crapshoot figuring out how many calories I'm supposed to be eating since most websites say nursing burns 300-500 calories per day (that's a big range). So I targeted around 1800 calories for days that I don't exercise.

Tracking my food lasted ONE whole day but it did give me a good overall picture of how much I'm eating and where I can cut down. This did make me more conscious of portion sizes so now I'm constantly pulling out the measuring cups!

In the meanwhile I did order another pair of bigger comfier pants because frankly when you are playing on the floor with baby you don't really want to be in your fancy designer jeans. 

I've also cut out all dairy and soy, and moving to nuts next- but that's a whole other blog post...
Now I'm off to go eat a 1/4 cup of golden raisins!

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