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A couple of my blog followers are currently expecting so I put together a little (ok a lot) of registry advice based on my limited, but very recent, baby experience. Here it goes...

Where to Register-

BRU registry sucks for telling you who gave you what. But you can return to the store (within 90 days). I have found their customer service to be mediocre and they do not carry some of the brands that we like. I thought that people like to buy from there... But we actually received most gifts from Amazon.

Amazon gives you a "thank you list" with names and addresses of all the gifts. You have to mail back returns so there are pros and cons to both. I found registering at Amazon super easy and I loved seeing the ratings and reviews. The prices sometimes varied greatly between BRU and Amazon.

I've also heard good things about Target registry.

I found registering online much easier and just stepping in to the store made ma feel really overwhelmed. (See this post:  )

In general some brands we like are:
-OXO (we have their wipe Dispenser and bottle cleaner)
-Skip Hop (they make good diaper bags and all sorts of stuff), we love their bath cups 
-Lamaze (the best baby toys)

Stroller/Car seat- I love our Britax set- the B Safe car seat and BAgile stroller. They connect super easily, are super safe, and are super light weight. It's a great brand and it's mid-price level. They come in a couple different colors. The storage basket below is easy to access and it accommodates a long stride.

Swings/Chairs- We use our swing a lot for naps (so mom can shower) and we use the vibrate chair occasionally but since it's low on the ground and most of the time she would be in it is if I'm in the shower and everything I read says not to leave your baby accessible to your dog when you aren't supervising, so I never wanted to leave her in there. She did happily sleep in there during our Christmas dinner. We mostly just play on quilts on the floor and read books, or she loves her fisher price jungle gym thingy. 

Clothes- For clothes we really do loves Carter's, Mike can't stand snaps so we got tons of the zip up sleep and play outfits. I wouldn't get any newborn stuff until the very end if they say your baby is really small or coming early, grab a couple onsies. We got 20 or more hats and only use 2 or 3 of them. We used mittens a few times but most newborn outfits come with mittens attached. Babies should not wear shoes until they can walk, I'm not sure why exactly but it can mess up their feet.

Crib- We have not used out crib at all but I love it for how it looks and how easy it was to assemble. Ours does convert and came with the side rail. We purposely got ours due to the low height and implicitly. It's BabyMod and can be found at WalMart or Amazon.

Diapers/Wipes- We tried SO many diapers and ended up going back to the ones they use in all hospitals (Pampers Swadlers). My sister says different babies for different diapers but we hated every other one and finally went for the bulk box. If the hospital ones work, just stick with those. We used about one small pack of newborn diapers then went to size 1 for maybe 6 weeks. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Keira was fairly large though. We use Huggies natural care wipes. We registered for a huge box and got them so we haven't tried anything else and don't plan to, we are happy with these. We didn't get a wipes warmer and it hasn't been a problem, Keira loves diaper change time. We have a curved diaper change pad and  nice soft covers (can't remember the brand but they are made of that kinky material)- they are the best. 

Oh so anything cloth you want 3 of them- one you are using, one that's being washed and a backup... Sheets, etc.

Swaddles- We got some of the halo sleep sack swadles and liked those best. We used miracle blanket a couple times when Keira was home the first week but she broke out of them. Swaddle blankets are great for keeping baby warm but a pain for actually swaddling. 

Bottles- Don't bother registering for these unless you can get just one. Keira absolutely hated 3 types of bottles before we found one she liked (big waste of money!). We got a tommee tipper bottle warmer from my sister and no complaints the one time we've used it. My lactation consultant recommends Dr browns narrow neck or Lansinoh MOMMa bottles. The Avent and Tommee Tippee have way too firm nipples. We have the Boon grass drying rack, it's great for all those little baby items that fall over in a regular drying rack. We have prince lionheart bin for dishwasher.

Bathtubs- I would just go with whatever is highest rated on amazon- make sure it has the sling part for the newborns. Ours is OK the sling is a little small and Keira can almost no longer fit in it.

Diaper bags- I have jujubee BFF and it is pretty good. There are LOTS out there that are much cuter but I wanted one that Mike could also use. 

Stroller accessories- We have a rain cover and mosquito net that we not used but imagine we will this summer. I use the parents thing all the time (has two cup holders and a little pouch), we also got the kids tray for when she gets bigger and sits in the stroller part.

Carriers- We have the BOBa structures carrier and I love it for walks, it's adjustable so mike can use it too (he did today!), it's comfy and easy to use and accommodates newborns up to toddlers. We also got the Baby KTan which is like a Moby wrap for dummies- it's sized for fit so you cannot share with spouse. I love this one for wearing around the house and Keira loves napping in it.

Pacifiers- I picked these up when I saw them on sale at CVS, we got tree different brands  and Keira pretty much hates them all. She occasionally took the soothies then she switched to another one and now she won't take any of them. I'm not concerned.

Medicine- I didn't know why you would want to have baby medicine that you didn't need but then I figured it out quickly! You do NOT want to run to the store, you want it all there... Baby Tylenol, tummy drops, saline spray, Eucerin (that's all we've used so far). You don't need an aspirator- they give you one at the hospital. 

Breastfeeding- Oh if you are breastfeeding you'll want some babyD drops. I like the Bamboobies nipple cream and the Lamaze sleep bras and the bravado body silk nursing bras. We got a boppy and used it a lot but everyone says the MyBreastFriend is way better. I also got a Balboa Baby pillow. If you plan to pump, you can get a pump through insurance but mine sucked so we bought a new one - medela pump in style advanced and I love it.  I got the simple wishes hands free pumping bra and don't use it much but extra milk bottles are nice and storage bags (Honeysuckle is a good brand), and you'll want some medela steam clean bags so you don't have to run the dishwasher every time you want to clean the pump parts. 

Soap- We use Burt's bees baby wash and nothing else. J&J products get lots of terrible reviews and they make me breakout. We got some non-petroleum jelly (Earths Best) that we use sometimes if babies bottom gets a little red - we haven't got any diaper rash so we don't use anything else but I've hearts butt paste is good. Baby powder should not be used. Baby lotion is not recommended unless babys skin is really dry. 

Washcloths- we love the spa silk ones, they can easily slip between babies fingers and toes.

Monitor- we sent ours back since we never use it and don't plan to anytime soon.

Cosleeper- we have the Arms reach Mini and I love it. It's small and lasts until about 6 months. 

Stuffed animals- be on the lookout for any gifts with button eyes, these are a choking hazard

For mom- I loved my Gownie to change into at the hospital, it was not as soft as the hospital gowns but it looked a lot better and made me feel better.

The End.

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  1. We love Pampers Swaddlers. By far the best diaper for newborns. It wasn't until size 4 that we had to switch because Adrianna was allergic to the DryMax.



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