Originally posted: 02/17/2014

A little less than a year ago, shortly after I told her I was pregnant, my sister sent me a pregnancy care package (read about it here:  Sharing the News, Part One).

So when my sister-in-law announced she was pregnant, I packed up my maternity clothes for her to borrow and then sent her a pregnancy care package of some of my favorites items from my pregnancy:

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1)  earth mama angel baby body butter. 
My mom gave me this and I loved the way it smelled, very natural smelling and it made me happy when I was sometimes feeling nauseous.

2) pregnancy countdown book. 
A page for every day, what more could you ask for?!

3) preggie pop drops. 
Yummy little candies you can discreetly pop in your mouth when you're feeling a little vomit-y, or you just want something yummy! My sister included these so I carried on the tradition.

4) saltines. 
They are the best for upset tummies and for people who like salt.

5) bra extenders. 
You can keep wearing all your beloved bras even as your chest is expanding with these great invention!

6) tums. 
I had heartburn from the moment of conception. Tums were a esophagus saver!

It was so fun to pass along a "sisterly" tradition!

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