Packing for the Hospital

I did a lot of "Googling" and emailing friends about what to bring to the hospital (and when to pack), when you're on your way to deliver your baby.

Here's the list I put together:

I printed and put this list in this lovely bag (gift from Libby) and as I packed things, I checked them off the list. I had most things packed before "go time", and note to self the outfit you wear to the hospital can easily be your "going home outfit" as you'll only wear it for however long your drive to the hospital is. The second you walk in the hospital they put you in a gown (especially if your water has already broke).

Here's what I would have done differently:

brought my own (crappy) towels, the hospital towels suck

don't bring baby book, hospitals no longer do baby footprints for you

we brought our own baby swaddle blanket which was cute for pictures

don't bother with change, I never saw a single vending machine

don't bring your "nice" nursing bras, smearing lanolin on your nipples those first two days leaves grease stains

if you bring a video camera, don't forget to use it

if you bring a camera, don't forget to ask people to talk pictures of YOU with your baby

bring decorations for your room, makes for more cheery photos

don't forget snacks!

we used empty plastic laundry baskets to bring home all the flower vases and free goodies and they worked great!

mini speakers for your iPhone, my Baby playlist really kept me going through labor and delivery

Originally Posted: 2/27/14

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