Keira @ 3 Months

Also known as the fourth trimester, the first three months of baby's life are like an extension of pregnancy- baby constantly needs you close to them. So if you just treat them like they are still in the womb, they will be happiest. This isn't medical advice, it's just what felt right to us.
( Here's a great article: )

We've been a pretty happy little family the past couple months I feel like we owe that to trusting our natural instincts and treating Keira how we would want to be treated, and ignoring baby training advice. We shower her with kisses and hugs and tell her all the time she is beautiful, smart and sweet. 

I'm very happy and proud to say that we've made it 3 months of exclusive breastfeeding. My goal is a moving target but I plan to breastfeed until one year and the let Keira decide when she wants to stop.

I'm excited to post these adorable a photos of our precious, and very much loved, baby girl (dad doesn't appear in many this week because he was out of town for work)-

All smiles in the mornings 

About to go for a winter walk

Pink fluffy baby

Tummy time on mom


Waldo gettin in on the action

Big goofy smile

Sweet sleepy baby

Good morning! Happy to see you!

Hitching a ride

Sending birthday wishes to Julia

Baby lounger, read me a book

Peaceful baby

Baby and mom selfie

Hoodie baby

 Mom and Baby

Keira takes DC

Cuddled up

Baby and Daddy

Daddy cuddles

Flying baby!

Bunny baby



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