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I've been watching less TV and reading more and trying to get some useful information about being a new parent and how to get the most out of being a new mom.

I'm sort of a high-worry person so I ordered and read this book while I was pregnant. It was OK at the time but I admit I sort of skimmed through. I recently re-read it due to some mommy anxiety issues I was having and it's like reading a new book. I love it and highly recommend new moms read it (don't bother reading while you are pregnant, it just doesn't have the same gravity):

 I just recently started reading this book, even though I've got the breastfeeding thing pretty well tackled I figured it would still be nice to learn more. All the great facts about how wonderful breast milk is for your baby is definitely motivation for me. I highly recommend reading this during Pregnancy as it tells you things like not to say "I'm going to try breastfeeding"- you have to be committed. It also helps straighten out things in regards to well-meaning advice you may get from mothers, aunts or strangers. Such as:

  • You should absolutely NOT try to toughen your nipples during pregnancy, it will only make them more sore and make BFing even more painful.
  • You should not limit the length of feedings or frequency, BF (especially at the beginning) should be done on demand.
  • Unless directed by a doctor, never give your baby any water, glucose, vitamins, or formula supplements.

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child (6th Edition NOW AVAILABLE)
The in-house pediatrician at the hospital recommended this book as the guideline for your baby through the first five years. We like reading the section each month on what we can look forward to seeing Keira learn! It's also a handy (trusted) reference for all sorts of illnesses and issues, should those arise.

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