Christmas Roadtrip

Over the hills and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go!

The original plan was my sister and mom would fly up separately sometime after New Years but we decided we wanted to get out of the winter weather and see everyone at once. A road trip was born.

I was skeptical at first when Mike suggested we drive, to Georgia, during the holidays, with a dog and a new baby. Ok I wasn't just skeptical at first, I was still skeptical as we were driving down the highway, saying "maybe we shouldn't have done this" but Mike reassured me that the hardest part was getting out the door. 

Of course Keira had her first really fussy night on the evening we planned to celebrate Christmas at home, also the night before we were supposed to leave! She was crying until 1:30am but Mike still got up early and started loading up the car...

First stop was Grammy and PopPop's house for Christmas! Mike started wrapping presents, we had to ship them directly there because we knew our car would be too full. 

We had a great time on Christmas Eve with all the Guilfoyle family! 

Christmas Day we had a great brunch and then spent the day just the four of us relaxing before the big drive.

The day after Xmas we started our drive to Georgia, the 8 hour drive ended up taking 12 hours- we expected this. Baby did good but it still took an hour at each break. We were watching the thermometer for the temp to rise above 50 degrees. It finally did! 

We arrived at our rental house and it was cozy and adorable! Mike did a great job finding this awesome vacation rental.

Keira got to meet her grandma Aili , Aunt Jen, Uncle Erik and cousins Adrianna and Natalie.

We had lots of good meals at my sisters house and even had a lunch outing (Keira's first!)

The last part of our trip was a trip to Charleston, SC. We have been meaning to stop here on previous trips to GA but it  never worked out. Mike found a nice Residence Inn that accepted pets and had a living area too.

Downtown Charleston was beautiful to walk around and we also visited the local dog-friendly beach, Folly Beach.

We made it home relatively easily with some interesting pit stops (getting two adults a baby and a dog all fed and to the bathroom/diaper changed is "interesting" to say the least). It was fun and I'm glad we did it but I was very happy to be home. I'm happy to say that the one thing we could have left home was our stroller, we used it twice and only for a few minutes- we could have easily done without it. Good to know!

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