Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding isn't the eaisest thing in the world but there are lots of great products out there that make it much easier so you can have a more enjoyable experience while feeding your little one, and it can be such a wonderful experience so please take advantage of these so that you can enjoy the bonding time!

Here are my personal favorites:

Boppy pillow

Balboa Baby pillow

Rocking Chair

Nursing stool

BluRay player with WiFi

BoobEase or Motherlove nipple balm

Bravado nursing bra

Bravado nursing tank

Nursing tops (BellyMom or Milk brands)

Hooter hiders nursing cover

Lansinoh Soothies

Bamboobies soothing pads

Arms Reach Cosleeper

 I wasn't sure if I would like breastfeeding or if I would be any good at it, but I'm so happy that I committed to doing it based on the research I did that it was better for me and baby. Turns out that Keira and I are good at it and I am really enjoying it! Motherhood, though it's stressful, is better than I thought! :-)

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