11 Weeks (Snaphots and update)

Almost 11 weeks and we are getting into a routine.. Well until today. I am not putting a schedule on Keira, but I've been keeping track of roughly her natural schedule. Now when she gets fussy, I look at what she did the day before and know that she fell asleep shorty after (or that was around the time she was hungry).

We have a three step deduction process:
1) is she hungry? Try feeding her.
2) is she bored? Let's play.
3) is she tired? In the wrap or swing for a nap.
I am very diligent about diaper changes that is why that is not on the list.

I know this sounds so basic but sometimes when you are tired you start thinking of crazy reasons why your baby is crying, like "oh she must hate me", or "maybe it was that soup I are yesterday". So I remind myself of the list and it's easy to systematically check through the feasible reasons first.

Enough of the boring stuff!
Keira is now grabbing objects! She got these links all the way around her wrist an she can shake them!
She has totally outgrown her 0-3 and 3 month clothes. I knew it was time to put them away when she couldn't straighten her legs anymore :-(
On to a whole new fun wardrobe of 3-6, 6 month clothes! We were lucky to have lots of hand me downs from Jen and Christy, we just had to buy a couple outfits, they are on the way.

Here's what we've been up to this week!


  1. So many adorable pics! she is looking more and more like her own little person!! I'd love to visit you both sometime soon. Maybe on a Thursday or Friday? Maggie doesn't have any activities those days.

    I've been killing time on our drive reading my old blog. This post reminded me of the one about Jack's schedule at Keira's age! http://to-be-mom.livejournal.com/42369.html

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