Bath Time

Keira has not been a fan of baths so far. We got this really cool folding/collapsible bathtub that would fit better in our house since we don't have very much storage space and our bathrooms are freakishly small. So we stupidly donated a nice bathtub my sister had passed down to us. Now we understand why those large tubs are needed, because ours will be nice later on when baby can somewhat support herself but we quickly realized that we need a tub with a newborn sling. Keira liked this one much better, here's our bath experience!


Lesson of the day: My sister knows better about baby supplies than I do ;-)

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  1. One thing we figured out was that the only reason either baby didn't like bathes was because they were cold. What we started doing what running the shower with the drain plugged for a few minutes to steam up the bathroom and then do the bath in that room with the door closed. Also, that little sling gets cold when wet, so make sure as you rinse her you're also rinsing the sling to keep her comfortable. We used 3 washcloths for every bath - one to clean baby with and two others soaked in warm water to cover whatever body parts weren't getting cleaned at the time. Hope this helps!



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