Random Update- 38.5 Weeks

We've got 10 days til due date... After Mondays appointment and the doctors "you could literally go into labor tonight", we got our bags all packed as ready to go. My body is all ready for baby to come whenever she is ready!

Random picture of the day:
(Voting Day)

I've been having more and more Braxton hicks and a few more painful contractions thrown in there. It's very strange/exciting/stressful to not know when labor is going to happen! 

Last week I decided to cut back my work  hours so I go in a little late so I can move slowly in the morning and then try to leave promptly at 5pm because by then I'm exhausted. It's tempting to stop working but I will go crazy sitting and waiting at home, so this reduced work schedule works well for me.

I'm feeling physically OK but the stress and anxiety is making me slightly irritable :-) deep breaths! Patience pays!!!

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