New Mom Lessons

What I've Learned so far as a new mom:
-Velco and Muslin fabric do not mix.
-Always say yes to offered help.
-You can make a lot of meals out of a chicken.
-We have amazing and generous friends who have kept us fed.
-Don't forget to take your Advil!
-Babies get heavy, think about lifting some light weights during pregnancy.
-Blow drier is no longer part of daily routine.
-Baby carriers are awesome and a great way to reconnect with baby like when you were pregnant.
-Your baby falling asleep on you is the best thing in the world.
-Everything seems more emotional (football almost made me cry).
-Work seems so much less important.
-You have to constantly remind yourself not to do too much.

1 comment:

  1. Having a baby napping on you really is the best.

    It works out really well that baby gains weight steadily the first year. I had the best arm muscles by the time they were young toddlers!!

    Lol about football. Hormones can make a wild ride. Hopefully football won't make you teary forever. Unless they're tears of boredom. Those can't be helped.



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