39 Weeks

Baby is the Size of a Large Watermelon

She is now 39 weeks old and that means I am totally fine with her making her entrance into this world at any point! Baby girl weighs anywhere from 7 to 8 pounds and measures 19 to 21 inches. Her measurements won't change much from now until delivery date but her brain is still growing.

I've enjoying the time that we've spent in these close quarters, but she's getting close to running out of room in her comfy little home. She is making this known by feet protruding into my ribs and a head that is surely "engaged" and ready to exit. My stomach is stretched to the limits!

It's hard to imagine not being pregnant anymore. I look at maternity clothes advertisements and think it will be weird to look through catalogs of people without giant bellies. Who knows when or if I'll be pregnant again so I'm enjoying these last few days (as much as possible).

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