Working While Pregnant, Part 2

Whistle while you work...

I made it to work! Getting here is a challenge as I don't want to wake up in the morning, and once I do - I am very slow moving. Plus I check my email constantly while I am getting ready, instead of just hurrying up and getting to my actual office so I can check it there, oh well- that's my habit.

Well I pulled it together and was out the door around 9am! (Not bad for me)

Get to work and its time for some caffeine-free tea in my favorite cup! 

Yum. I enjoy my pumpkin Rooibos tea and usually a Smart Ones Turkey Sausage and Egg English muffin sandwich, they are so delicious! Don't worry that it's not enough food because I ate a Fiber One bar in the car during my commute.

After I finish my tea, then I proceed to chug a few gallons of water thanks to my new BPA- free Nalgene bottle!

Tea, breakfast sandwich and gallons of water are all consumed concurrent to reading and responding to numerous emails that accumulated since I last checked (30 minutes ago)... 

Then I hit up my arsenal of maternity-friendly medicines, take my heartburn prevention pill and my iron supplement.  I have my Tums and Tylenol on hand just in case:

About twice a week I have to pack up and head downtown via metro for a client meeting. Thank goodness for the gov't shutdown because the metro is empty and I can actually get a seat. I hold on to the railings when I walk up or down the stairs. My most comfortable shoes are my Naturalizer espadrilles which are a little high but leather flats feel like hot jail cells for my feet. Luckily the meetings aren't long and I'm back by lunchtime.

At my desk I have some fun stuff to try to make me feel comfy- my mouse and keyboard wrist supports (totally saved me when my carpal tunnel started acting up in the 2nd trimester):

Oh and since I do eat at my desk I have lots of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes, I keep the place clean!

For my short legs I have a foot stool (recommended for "ergonomics"):
It works OK, by the end of the day I usually end up taking my shoes off and putting my feet up on my under-desk cabinet. That feels great!

As soon as I get home immediately change; my work clothes are pretty comfy but by the end of the day they feel like torture chambers.  Stretchy pants, a cute top, and some sneakers are my new evening attire- perfect for my daily 15-minute walk. I can't go longer than that without having a serious Braxton hicks and feeling like my bladder is going to explode. 

That's my typical day! Hope you enjoyed my story :-)

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