Mr. Mom - Part 1 (Shopping / General Cleaning)

I have a very hard time relinquishing control, but am already aware that I will not be able to continue to do my share of the housework while taking care of (and breastfeeding) baby. So as Mike sometimes likes to call himself "Mr Mom" while he is doing laundry, he will become even more so as he adds shopping, cooking and cleaning to his repertoire of household responsibilities!

This is all information I plan to provide to hubby, but thought everyone else might like to get a little glimpse into my household obsessions (somethings I am crazy about keeping clean, but others I don't care as much about- like putting away my laundry). While messes do drive me crazy, having a "clean" house will be more important when we have a vulnerable little munchkin living with us. 

Luckily we have Amazon Prime, so I will still be in charge of ordering non-perishable/non-food items, like tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, energy drink mixes (for Mike), oatmeal, soap, etc...
Grocery shopping will be all on Mr Mom's shoulders now, so here's what he needs to get (probably once a week):
-String Cheese
-Shredded cheese
-Skim milk
-Vanilla Greek yogurt
-Grapes (green or red)
-Naked Smoothies
-Orange or Grapefruit juice
-Sparkling water
-Pasta sauce (Small jars)
-frozen pizza
-frozen mixed fruit
-frozen green beans with almonds
-Lean Cuisines (Mac n Cheese)
-Smart Ones Breakfast sandwiches (no ham!)

We are VERY LUCKY to have a cleaning service come every other week, but on the off week and in between things need a little touching up:
-Wipe ALL counters and kitchen table with Disinfectant wipes
-Empty trash (INCLUDING the trash in the bedrooms and bathrooms)
-Vacuum the carpets. 
-Change the towels in the bathrooms and kitchen. 
-PLEASE water my plants if they look thirsty!

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