Just Wait...

I was feeling pretty down last week thinking about all of the terrible things people have told me how hard life becomes once baby arrives. Everything I read says, enjoy your last miserable month of pregnancy because at least it’s better than the first month of taking care of baby at home. 

I even tried googling "good things about having a newborn" and found very few happy articles dotted in between the hundreds, if not thousands of “SH!T no-one tells you about how hard having a baby is” articles. I went to Mike and said I’m just not feeling happy and excited about this baby coming, I feel like I need to worry MORE, prepare MORE, and just keeping setting my expectations LOWER and LOWER for total unhappiness, depression and exhaustion. Mike said “I think you’ve worried enough”.

So now I recognize that I’ll be tired and it will be hard but I’m done worrying about all that and started to just get excited. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

That was reinforced when my dear friend and one of the smartest mommies I know sent me this article this morning: 

I will have to save this page and re-read it whenever the naysayers try to get me down!

Here are some of the wonderful things that I've heard about having a newborn baby:
  • "My son truly is my greatest joy"
  • "Do you know what I think about when I look back on my first month of having my babies home? I think of the hours upon hours I stared at them in amazement. I think about how much I adored them and how much more love I had towards for my husband for being their father and for giving me these wonderful gifts."
  • "[Having a new baby will] bring you more LOVE and JOY than you ever knew you'd be capable of feeling."  
  • "All baby really needs is food and diapers and parents to cuddle!"
  • "Get ready for a life changing event! Pretty awesome stuff!"


  1. AMEN MOMMA. The internet is SO jaded but its hard to ignore... we are all guilty of it sometimes, I know, but now is the time to be POSITIVE and JOYFUL!!! It is going to be amazing. Not to mention you will have several "aunties" who will be more than willing to come help you, distract you, bring you snacks - whatever you need! YAYY!! Is it Nov 14th yet?!?

  2. Hugs, Kristi! I always get anxious before big changes. The good news is soon the wait will be over and you will have plenty of wonderful moments to focus on instead. It's not all sunshine and butterflies, but some of it really is. I remember sitting in the nursery looking at each of the kids as newborns just feeling the deepest awe and so grateful to have this experience in my life.

    I don't love comparing having a dog to having kids, but dogs are work and change your life. And they add joy and love too. You two love Waldo so much, you glow. I can't wait to see you glowing with baby girl too!



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