In Defense of Pregnant Women Everywhere

AKA "Pregnancy Etiquette" 

It seems that society feels it is their responsibility to judge pregnant women for every aspect of their lives, here are some things that I either didn't know about, or didn't realize how much they BOTHER pregnant women thinking about or hearing... I'm not trying to be grumpy, I get that people are either just excited for you or feel awkward, but try to think about how pregnant lady is going to feel when you make comment/ask question. We are very sensitive right now!


This is my PSA:

  • If you see a pregnant woman without a wedding ring, most likely her hands are super swollen and she can't wear her ring anymore. If you see a woman wearing an engagement ring, maybe that is the only ring that fits!
  • If you see a pregnant woman in Starbucks, she is probably getting something decaf, or a smoothie, or a breakfast sandwich. And even if she is getting caffeinated coffee, it is OK in moderation.
  • If you see a pregnant woman carrying something heavy, please help her.
  • If you see a pregnant woman get on the Metro, offer her your seat!
  • If you see a pregnant woman who you do NOT know, she will feel nice inside just by you smiling at her. There is no need to ask her 10 personal questions about her pregnancy (when are you due? is it a boy or a girl? is it your first? is your nursery ready? are you SURE you aren't due sooner? what is the baby's name?) geez people!
  • Also not necessary is "oh Just WAIT until she gets here, you'll never sleep again" or "enjoy being out now, you'll never do anything ever again once you have kids!". thanks for the inspiration.
  • If you see a pregnant women taking an over-the-counter medication, do not ask her "should you be taking that?" There are MANY OTC medicines that are safe and surely she has already gotten approval from her doctor to take said medicine (I personally take a few and I've discussed them each at lengths with my doctors before taking them, thank you very much!).

Things We'd Rather not Hear:

  • "You are starting to waddle"
  • "You look REALLY pregnant"
  • "What is the baby's name?"
  • "Enjoy ___(Fill in the blank)___ now because once you have kids, you can kiss it goodbye!"
  • "Should you be eating/drinking that?"

Nice things to say:

  • "You are a very fashionably dressed pregnant woman"
  • "You look great"
  • "You are only showing in your belly"
  • "It looks like you have been eating really healthy throughout your pregnancy"
  • "You are going to be a great mom"
  • "Being a mom is great"

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