Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

I have been trying to not get too excited or impatient and this campaign really hammered that idea home for me:

The March of Dimes encourages all moms to wait until 39 weeks to deliver. Every message board I read for November moms is full of people getting antsy and impatient... we've all waited 8 months and with just a few weeks left its hard not to want to rush it along.

Of COURSE there are lots of situations where its just not possible to wait until 39 weeks. My nephew was born at 36 weeks and he is perfectly healthy, my friend's son was born at 32 weeks and he just happily celebrated his one year birthday and is doing great!

But when there is a choice, March of Dimes encourages mom to avoid giving birth before 39 weeks. So until Nov 6th I have to be calm and patient. Starting Nov 7th I can be impatient as I want to be!

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  1. <3 Love this. There are some understandable reasons to wish for labor to come early, and there are some real doozies, but either way there are much better reasons to give babies the time they need.

    We are definitely grateful Jack is healthy and we didn't face anything serious. He was considered near term at 36 weeks and he had some pretty typical complications like being readmitted for his jaundice and struggling to latch for a long time. Every baby is different, but we really appreciated not facing those issues with 38-weeker Maggie!

    I'm so glad you and baby girl are doing so well!



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