37/38 Week Appointment

Well I'm officially 9 months pregnant and according to the "traditional" standards, baby is full term.

Blood pressure is still low, no extreme swelling of hands, feet or ankles- she said feet might swell more after birth but then will go back to "normal". My hips, knees and (previously sprained) ankle have been bothering me but supposedly that is all due to the relaxin hormones loosening and preparing my joints for delivery.

Baby's heartbeat is around 150 bpm and belly is measuring right on track at 37cm. She said that that based on last weeks ultrasound that baby is 36th percentile for weight (which is good news for me and for pushing!)

I've dilated a tiny bit more, closer to 2cm but still just holding steady! Doctor said see you at your appointment next week or at the hospital, whichever comes first. And then she gave me this handout on signs of labor:

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  1. Yea!! So exciting...I really hope you have a easy labor with not too much pain. Can not wait to meet her!!!! :)



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