34 Weeks

Baby is the size of a Melon

Baby is over 5 pounds and up to 19 inches long. 

Baby’s body has begun to fill out with the formation of fat under his/her skin. This is an important part of development because these fat stores will help the baby to regulate his/her body temperature once the baby is born.
The central nervous system is continuing to mature, and the lungs are well developed. While most health care providers would ideally like you to carry up to 38 to 40 weeks, your baby has a good chance of surviving outside of your uterus at this time.
Typically the amount of amniotic fluid peaks between 34 and 36 weeks. At 37 weeks the amount of amniotic fluid begins to decrease to allow more room for the baby. The amniotic fluid is reabsorbed by your body, which also increases the amount of room that the baby has to move. You may begin to notice that your baby’s movements feel different. You may have noticed that your belly button has become an "outie".
(From: http://americanpregnancy.org/weekbyweek/week34.htm)

YES, I have noticed the outie!

I haven't posted a bare belly pic since 16 weeks, and I think a lot has changed since then!

16 weeks:

I'm in the homestretch now, appointments will be every week from now on. At the next appointment doctor will check on baby's position, check for dilation, and the make a guess at baby's birth weight and whether or not she'll be early, on time, or late...

Two appointments ago the doctor said (why now?) that they prefer you only gain 25 pounds, I had been targeting 30... I did some research and interestingly enough the recommended 25-35 in US is high compared to the 25 maximum they recommend in Europe.

So I've been eating healthy-ish and making sure to do my daily walks and I am now aiming for the 25 pound weight gain. Thanks to constant heartburn and a belly full of baby, this hasn't been too hard to do... 

I have been getting Braxton hicks like crazy and baby is moving around ALOT! I've been trying to stay active, going for short walks every night to stay somewhat in shape in preparation for labor. 

42 days til due date!!!

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