25 Signs You May Be About to Go Into Labor (or Maybe...)

I found this article highly amusing!!!


It's so confusing! There is just no way of really knowing until it happens!

Here's an example:
Dilation & Effacement
 This will need to be checked by a doctor or health care worker, but as labor nears, the cervix both thins (effaces) and dilates (opens up).
OR MAYBE... you're just one of those women who dilates weeks before labor begins (some women can dilate up to ten weeks before birth.)

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  1. I think the worst part of being pregnant is the anticipation of labor... The constant "is this a sign?" "what was THAT?" "that contraction felt different, but was it different enough?". In the end, when it's time, you know, but waiting for it to be time will drive any woman crazy!



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