Working While Pregnant

My plan is to work up until my delivery date. I love my job and although it will be a wonderful experience to be home with my new baby, it's very hard to imagine being away from work for a couple months. The longest I have ever taken off was two weeks.

But working while pregnant presents some challenges. From when you first find out you are pregnant and trying to hide it and not fall asleep, to later on trying to survive siting in an increasingly less comfortable desk chair.

So far some of my personal challenges have been:
- Having to do three days of night work the first week I found out I was pregnant (try staying awake until 5am with no caffeine!)
- Sleeping in my car during lunch.
- Feeling like I was going to vomit in the break room while waiting for my oatmeal to cook.
- Discretely microwaving my turkey sandwich I accidentally ordered due to temporary memory loss of pregnancy restricted foods.
- Nearly throwing up on metro on the way to a 9am meeting (metro is too crowded at 8:45am for pregnant women!)
- Having to wake up in the morning and go to work ;-) 
- Dressing like a professional women when I really want to wear a sports bra and workout pants.
- Work shoes are not comfortable!
- Getting hit in the crotch by the metro gate arm and crying on the way to a meeting.
- Getting run into by some A$$hole running to catch a bus who just said "my bad" when he saw he nearly knocked me onto the ground; and the crying that followed again on the way to a meeting. Trying to pull myself together in the bathroom because I refuse to be the emotional crying pregnant woman at a client meeting.

Now I would not give this up, I love my job and I love being pregnant. It has just been harder than I thought so luckily Mike has really pitched in at home because by the end of the day I'm physically and mentally exhausted. Thank you wonderful husband!

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