The Name Game

I've been pretty open about the fact that we plan to keep baby girl's name a secret until her birthday. What is not a secret is that we have NO secret to keep... that's right, we have no name!

As she is currently affectionately known in our house as "the baby", we know we cannot continue to call her "the baby" after she is born. We are working on it, but it hasn't been easy! Since the beginning we've had a growing list of names that we both like. The list keeps getting longer and the decision keeps getting harder. Some of the names we feel are too popular, or don't go well together, or make a horrible monogram.

I grew up with the initials "KGB". I do love my name, I think my parents did an excellent job- a nice first name and a family middle name. Now luckily I didn't really get teased over "KGB", but I did give a good scare to our Russian movers.

Some initials that we would like to avoid:
Maybe we're overthinking this...

We would also prefer not to have a name that is plastered all over Pottery Barn catalogs forcing our child to forever be known as "_________ G." in order to differentiate her from all the other little girls named "________" in her class. I've read the entire "Idiots Guide to Baby Names" book and still nothing.

What do YOU think we'll end up naming "the baby"?


  1. Emily or Sarah or something pretty and simple. Whatever you choose will be wonderf

  2. As you know, I was JAB and am now JAP. We made sure not to use a middle name that started with a vowel so their initials would have a fighting chance at *not* spelling something crazy not matter who they marry.

  3. Agreed on pretty and simple!! All those Pottery Barn names are all crazy yuppy names anyway :) Whatever it is it will be perfect and I CANNOT WAIT to find out!!

    1. So funnily enough it turns out that "Keira" was in a Pottery Barn catalog (on a Christmas stocking) right after she was born!

  4. Aw, Emily and Sarah are both pretty! There are so many pretty girl names, I couldn't begin to guess for you all, but I know it'll be perfect for baby girl.

    We had one name we avoided for Maggie because I thought it was too popular and I've yet to meet a kid with it. We also considered Lilah and last year dance class had a Lila, as well as Lily, Lola, and Leah. But so far the only names there have been multiples of in the kids' classes are Ashley, Christina, and Emma. We haven't even had two Jacks yet. All that to say, sometimes you just can't know what you'll encounter! Gymnastics this year is kind of a pottery barn catalog: Ava, Chloe, Bella, Sophia, Olivia, and Kylie. But hey, no doubles ;)

  5. KGB!!! Those of us who know you when miss that so much!

  6. KGB!!! Those of us who know you when miss that so much!

    1. FoodLove Girl, I know, sometimes I miss those crazy initials too!
      KGG is pretty good though :-) :-)



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