My calendar is getting awfully close to the 15th of the month, which means we are at the 3 MONTH COUNTDOWN!!! BabyBump app says only 94 more days until baby! Wow, time is going by so fast.

My doctor's office now wants to start seeing me every two weeks so providing urine samples and getting my blood drawn will now become my part-time job. This will be in addition to my existing part-time job of obsessing over cleaning out every single storage closet/cabinet/drawer in our condo and making Mike paint random things.

Doctor says my weight gain has been slow and steady and she expects I'll still gain another 10 pounds. She was able to use her doctor's instinct and tell me that baby is laying sideways across my belly with her head on my right side and her feet on my left. That explains all the kicking I've been feeling on my left side!

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