28 Weeks

Baby is the Size of a Head of Cauliflower
(don't ask me how that makes any sense...)

12 Weeks Left!

She is approximately 16 inches in length and weighing in around 2.5 lbs. She'll only grow a few more inches (4-6), but she'll still triple in weight!

She can now cough, suck, and breath. Although we want to keep her inside for several more weeks, if born this week- she could actually survive in the outside world (with lots of assistance).

Baby is moving and kicking up a storm and my back is starting to wear on me. Standing in place is just not option as I get tired quickly. My shoes all seem uncomfortable and my chair at work is like a torture device.

I've been leaving work an hour early and working from home in a more comfortable location, with my shoes off and my feet up. Going for a walk after work stretches out my back and relaxes me.

I have several appointments next Tuesday- first to check my placenta location, then to get my Rh shot, and finally my 28-week appointment.

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