25 Weeks

Baby Girl is the Size of an Eggplant

Baby is now 2 pounds and I can feel it. I'm starting to slow down a little bit as its harder to get around with the extra weight. The baby is also putting extra pressure on my bladder. She has been moving around ALOT lately and it is a weird, exciting sensation. Today I tried to be productive and that didn't go too well. I got several loads of laundry done (washed, not put away); and went through lots of hand-me-down clothes we were recently generously given by family. 

Our first "baby" turned 5 this weekend. It is crazy to think that he has been part of our family now for four and a half years. He has given us great experience to become parents of a small human... potty training, feedings, and most important of all- loving another little creature.

He'll always be my baby boy!

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